Image description for Sheepkeeper - Sheep Shopkeeper

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This black and white wood-engraving shows the inside of an old-fashioned shop. We are looking from the back of the shop towards the multi-paned window and the open door.

In front of us and to our left sits the Sheep, dressed as an old maid with a frilly cap and shawp, slippers on her feet, spectacles on her sheep’s head and a mess of knitting needles in her hands: she is knitting something on her lap.

Directly in front of us is the shop’s counter. Hanging on this end of the counter is a kite, several sea-side spades and a coil perhaps of rope for the kite. On top of the counter, at this end, are several cans or round tins; beyond them, and ot our right, Alice leans on the counter. She wears her regular knee-length dress with stockings and black shoes, and her hair, almost waist-length, is tied back with a black band.

In the background are shelves just inside the window; they are full of large jars, a small wooden horse, a doll, and more. A sign in the window reads (in reverse) Tea, 2/, which is, two shillings.

The overall effect is of a somewhat dark interior to the shop.

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