Image description for Costumes, A.D. 1380.

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This coloured engraving shows six people mentioned in the description; the Queen has a crown, a blue gown with gold fringing and a white dress or petticoat underneath; the consort, if such he be, has a triangular black and white hat, a green shirt with sleeves that, at his wrists, go almost to the ground, red tights, one black and one white soft pointy shoe, and a white cane which I think does not mean he cannot see, but is rather an affectation! The queen and the man stand in a large stone entrance, with a huge pillar behind them.

Behind and to one side are two ladies, one in red with red dress and hat, the dress trailing and pooling somewhat on the ground, and the other with a yellow upper garment over a dark grey dress and with a white headdress tinged with red, not unlike a nun’s cowl.

In front the gentleman bowing has a blue shirt and knee-length frock or skirt, a yellow scarf maybe or hood, yellow stockings and shoes that are pointed but not so outrageous that they could not be worn today.

Last, and probably least, the man with the horses wears a yellow tunic with vertical orange stripes, a round pudding-basin hat, blue tights, and has absurdly long pointy shoes with the points tied by black strings to his knees. he holds a blue pointy hat in one hand and a horse’s bridle in the other. The horse is white and has yellow strapping on its head and chest, and behind it we glimpse another horse, ebony.

These are not the clothes of poor people.

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