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Scanned Images From Old Books - Now on CD-ROM!

DVD One: The Web site. All the images, together with the HTML index pages and descriptions. This is Cdn$60 or US$65, plus $15 shipping and handling. If you want courier delivery add another $15; otherwise, I will ship by Canada Post, which can take up to three weeks. These images have the URL (watermark) on them.

DVD Two: High Resolution Book. All the images from any one book: you get the raw, scanned images and the cleaned-up images, and also the JPEG images that are on the Web. The engravings are mostly scanned at 1200 or 2400dpi, with files at between 30 and 100 MBytes each. This is Cdn$500 or US$525, for the first book, and $100 for each additional book. I will let you know the final price before you order.

DVD Three: All The Images. You get the original scans and the cleaned up images, we well as the JPEG files, for most of the public domain images I have published. Currently this is over 50 Gigabytes. This is Cdn$12,000 including shipping. You must agree not to resell the images.

DVD Four: Subscription. You get a quarterly DVD sent you with all the new images in high resolution. THis is Cdn$1200 including shipping; if you order Three and Four at the same time you get a discount.

DVD Five: Texts You get the XML master files as well as the HTML pages for the encyclopædias, dictionaries, books of proverbs and other Reference Works. This is $2500 + $15 postage and handling (same in US and Cdn)


Send an email message to liam at holoweb dot net, with FOBO Order as the subject, and say (1) your name and email address, (2) which product(s) you want to order, (3) your full postal address, and (5) if you want courier delivery, say so, and give a daytime telephone number where the couriers can reach you. Note that couriers here will not accept a P.O. Box address.

If you are ordering DVD Two, you will need to say which book(s) you want. One way to do this is to go to any illustration in each book and use the Add a Comment link to say "please add this to my order". The comment won't appear on the Web page. Don't forget to include your name, though! If you prefer, you can just give me a list of URLs.

Individual Images

You can order individual images through Almay, or ask me directly. I am in the process (July 2008) of uploading images to Alamy; we'll see how it goes.

Donating Books or Money

I've been collecting old books as a hobby for 15 or 20 years now, but illustrated ones are often more expensive. If you have old books that you don't want any more, and would like to see them scanned, let me know. They need to be out of copyright, which generally means that the author (and illustrator) died more than 70 years ago if the book was published in the UK. For the US it means that the book was published during or before 1922 (or sometimes later, depending on whether its copyright was renewed), and for Canada 75 years after publication, or 50 years after the author/illustrator's death. Always scan (or transcribe) the title page, although the imprint page is sometimes also needed.

Some people might want to send me money. The easiest way to do that is to use PayPal:

Make a donation in US Dollars

Some people might want to send pictures of themselves barefoot in a forest. That's fine, I like that a lot actually, but it doesn't pay the mortgage.

Contacting Liam

I am Liam at holoweb dot net; let me know if you'd like me to scan specific images, or higher resolution copies, or have any interesting uses for these images, or like them. Tell me what colour socks you are wearing, e.g. socks: black, in the subject line, to get past my spam filters.

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