Image description for Mediaeval Torture Instruments

[the image described here]

This is a black and white image made by scanning a printed picture.

The picture shows drawings of Roman implements of torture supposedly used to hurt Christians. They don’t look too different from the implements the Christians used on other people once they were in power.

There are two rows of implements in the picture. On top, from left to right:

  1. a ring with six curved points that look like large teeth, mounted on a long handle that might be of rope, suggesting a whip that would teatr out parts of flesh.
  2. A ring from which hand four chains, each with a round lead weight at the end. I imagine this was swung at peope to bruise them.
  3. Two pairs of pliers with long handles, the right-hand one also with some sharp teeth. I don’t want to speculate on these.

The lower rwo has just tow items:

  1. A rectangular metal sheet, like a saw, with teeth, but with a handle coming off the side as on a rake;
  2. A curved item with three sharp parallel points, possibly made out of bone.

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