Image description for Begging Monk at the Door of a Mosque

[the image described here]

Black-and-white engraving based on a painting. At left in the foreground stands an almost-naked man with a cane, facing to the right, into the picture. Perhaps he is blind. In front of his bare feet, on the ground, are lots of discarded empty slippers or shoes.

To the man’s left is a large doorway. There’s a roll of cloth over the doorway, held up with straps, by which the entrance can be closed. A lantern hands outside the door at the top of the picture, and some Arabic writing is visible some way above the monk’s head, perhaps painted or carved into another door that leads off to the left.

Beyond the doorway we see, in the background, people seated or kneeling on the floor of the mosque, and, further back, pointed arches and some rectangular windows.

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