Image description for Chapter head with musical instruments

[the image described here]

This is a wide and roughly rectangular image produced by a woodcut, and shown with black lines on a white background, although in print it’s more like a dark brown on a yellowish paper. The engraved block was probably already old when the book I scanned it from was produced, and there is some wear visible.

The design was used at the top of a chapter, where it was perhaps an inch high and maybe five inches across, the width of the printed lines on the page.

In the middle is a raised platfom with a cloth hanging don, decorated with stripes, tassles, and little white circles.

On the cloth are half a dozen musical instruments; the top of the platform is level with the viewer’s eye, so we are looking full-on at the instruments. I think two of them are mediaeval guitar-like string instruments and the other four are probably recorers, trumpets, flutes or other wind instruments. For a moment I thought one of them was a garden watering-can, but that seems unlikely.

In front of the musical instruments is an open book, presumably with a musical score on it although the whole design is to small for such details to be clear.

On either side of the platform, and above it, are vines, leaves, unidentified floers, and ribbons. The platform with the instruments takes up maybe a fifth of the total width of the design, which overall is very open.

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