Image description for 142.—Ancient Arch on Road leading into Rome.

[the image described here]

The picture shows a stone archway over a dirt road.

A person under the arch is half-sitting on a rock, or perhaps a sack, leaning against the arch, wearing a broad-brimmed hat.

The actual arch part of the masonry is roughly semi-circular, the curve starting at ground level, and is made from bricks or tiles placed end-on and radiating uotwards; there are two courses of these bricks or tiles, an inner and an outer, and from then on up the wall is slightly thinner and there is vegetation (perhaps ivy?) on the wall and a small tree on the ragged and partly ruined top of the wall.

In the background, on the other side of the dirt road that the arch crosses, there are houses drawn rather sketchily and with fainter lines than the arch itself, making the arch and the wall rising up from it appear much more prominent in the picture.

The picture is a black and white engraving scanned from a printed book. It was probably a wood engraving.

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