Helmet [with Heralds]

Helmet [with Heralds]
is accounted the noblest Part of a Cout-Armour, for which there were anciently established Rules; but, at present, many wear rather what they fancy, than what they have a Right to.
The Helmet of a Knight, (say some) is to stand right forward, and the Beaver a little open.
The Helmets of Esquires and Gentlemen, are to be in profile and close.
Noblemen, under the Degree of a Duke, have the Helmet in Profile, and open with Bars.
Monarchs, Princes, and Dukes, have the Helmet right forward, and open, with many Bars.
Helmets turned right forward are supposed to denote giving Orders with absolute Authority.
Helmets turned sideways, are supposed to intimate hearkening to the Commands of Superiors.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

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