Gaˊllery [for passing a Moat]

Gaˊllery [for passing a Moat]
is a covered Walk made of strong Beams, and cover’d over head with Planks, and loaded with Earth; ’twas formerly used for carrying the Mine to the Foot of the Rampart: sometimes the Gallery is covered over with Raw-Hides, to defend it from the artificial Fires of the Besieged. The Gallery ought to be very strong, of double Planks on that side towards the Flank, to make it Musquet-Proof. It is made in the Camp, and brought along the Trenches in Pieces, to be join’d together in the Fojs; it ought to be eight Foot high, and ten or twelve wide; the Beams ought to be half a Foot thick, and two or three Foot asunder; the Planks or Boards nailed on each side, and filled with Earth or Planks in the middle; the covering to rise with a Ridge, that what is thrown upon it by the Besiegers with a design to burn it, may roll off. See the Figure.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

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