Care tho’ it generally makes People look old, is represented in Painting by a comely Woman, because it is very becoming Persons of all Ages and conditions, wing’d to denote the Swiftness of Thought; in each Hand an Hour-glass as Symbols of Assiduity; at her Feet a Cock, the Emblem of Watchfulness, and in Sight the rising Sun, to shew care is unwearied.
Care will kill a CatThat is, will in the End kill even those who seem the best Able to withstand it; for a Cat is suppos’d to have nine Lives. Cura facit canas. Latin Die Sorge machet vor der Zeit grauCare makes a Man grey before his Time. German
A Pound of Care will not pay an Ounce of Debt. Cento carre di pensieri (A hundred cart-loads of Thoughts) non pageranno un uncia di debito. It. Ein Pfund Sorgen bezahlet kein Quintgen Borgen. H. G.
By Care in this Proverb us meant unreasonable Trouble, Vexation and Concern, such as are rather a Hinderance than a Furtherance to Business; and by no means Assiduity and Industry, which are the properest means to bring a Man out of Debt.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Camel [Hieroglyphically] * Carnaˊtion
Burlˊesk, or Burle’sque
Caiˊsson [Gunnery]
Camel [Hieroglyphically]
Carnaˊtions [among Painters]
Caˊro [with Anatomists]
Ceˊntral Fire [with Chymists]
Old Birds are not caught with Chaff.
Charge [with Painters]
Charge [in Painting]