Bumiceˊlli [among the Africans]

Bumiceˊlli [among the Africans]
a Sect of Mahometans, said to be great Sorcerers, who pretend to fight against the Devil, and frequently run about covered with Blood and bruises in a terrible Fright. Sometimes they counterfeit a Combat with him at Noon-day, for the Space of 2 or 3 Hours, and that in the Presence of Numbers of People, using Darts, Javelins and Scimitars, &c. laying about them in a desperate Manner, till they fall down on the Ground, as oppressed by Blows. And having rested a little, recover their Spirits and walk off.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Braˊnches [with Architects] * Burlˊesk, or Burle’sque
Bolus [with Physicians]
Bolus [according to Dr. Grew]
Bomb [Hieroglyphically]
Boviˊllans [with Cooks]
Braˊnches [with Architects]
Bumiceˊlli [among the Africans]
Burlˊesk, or Burle’sque