Beaˊtitude [beatitudo (L.)]
blessedness, happiness, bliss, blissfulness.
Sundry Beatitudes have been represented in Painting and Sculpture as Follows.
The Beatitude of the poor in Spirit by a young Child clad in a short Vestment, with his Eyes lift up to Heaven, and holding a Scroll, in which were written the following Words: Beati pauperes spiritu. (Blessed are the Poor in Spirit)
The Beatitude of those who Mourn by a Youth upon his Knees weeping, near him a Cross, the Tables of the Decalogue, and a Deaths-head.
The Beatitude of the Meek by a young lad holding in one Hand a Sprig of Olive, and with the other Hand preventing another Youth who is about to draw his Sword.
The Beatitude of those who hunger and thirst after Justice by a Woman holding a Cross, upon which are a Pair of Scales in equal Ballance. Behind her a Stag panting for Thirst.
The Beatitude of the Merciful by a Woman with a friendly and pleasing Aspect distributing Alms, holding in her Hand a Branch of a Pomegranate-tree with the Pomegranets upon it; and leaning on a Table on which are Loaves of Bread, and a Dish with Money in it.
The Beatitude of the Pure in Heart by a Damsel weeping over a Heart, and laying a Cross of Thorns upon it; a Lily growing out of the Heart with the Inscription: Beati mundi corde, quoniam ipsi Deum videbunt. (Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God.
The Beatitude of the Peacable by a Woman treading sundry Weapons under her. At her Feet a Man in Armour, holding a flaming Torch, which she endeavours to extinguish by pouring Water on it; in her left hand a Branch of Palm.
The Beatitude of the Persecuted by a Woman upon her Knees taking up her Cross, behind her an Amazon ready to discharge her Arrow at her, and a hideous meager Woman, with Serpents instead of Hair, and a flaming Torch in her Hand, ready to strike her with it.
The Beatitude of the Faithful by a Woman clad in white, her Bosom bare, crown’d with Myrrh and Pomegranate-flowers, amd laying her right Hand on her Head.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

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