A [among the Romans]

A [among the Romans]
was used as an Abbreviation of the Word Absolvo, i.e. I acquit: The Judges being wont to give their Sentence upon Persons, by casting Tables into a Box or Urn, on which Tables were the Letters A. C. or N L. If they acquitted the Person try’d, they cast into the Urn a Table with the Letter A marked on it; if they condemned, with the Letter C, for Condemno, i.e. I condemn; if the Matter was hard to be determined, with the Letters N L, for Non liquet, i.e. It does not appear plain. Hence Cicero calls the Letter A Litera salutaris, i.e. the saving Letter. A was also used by the Romans, as the first of the Litteræ Nundinales, in Imitation of which, the Dominical Letters in our Julian Kalendar.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Ā, or ā * Abeˊston
A [among the Ancients]
Ā, or ā
A [among the Romans]
Absoˊrb [with Gardeners, &c.]
Action [in Physics]
Spontaneous Action [with Philosophers and Physicians]
Voluntary Action [with Philosophers]
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