Image description for Alice Meets Humpty Dumpty

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Alice, a girl with long hair, a pleated dress that reaches down to just below her knees, striped socks and sensible shoes, stands benath a wall; she reaches up with one arm almost to the top of the wall where, to her right, Humpty Dumpty is sitting, actually with legs uncrossed and sticking out. Humpty Dumpty is an egg with a belt (later I think we learn it’s really a cravat, or ornate necktie, used as a belt) and I think wears trousers; he has heavy shoes on the ends of his legs. The top half of the egg is Humpty’s face (his arms stick out from below the cravat). Humpty has a huge smile going almost half the way round the egg, a double chin, and half-closed eyes.

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