Image description for Behold: Jesus taken down from the cross

[the image described here]

The image is black and white. It was made by scanning a printed book. The image in the book was printed from a wood-engraving which was made by Eric Gill in 1930 especially for the book.

The overall shape of the engraving is circular, framed by a large vine that enters the picture at the bottom near the left side and proceeds clockwise to enclose the whole drawing and to end near the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.

Inside the vine we see a group of five people, all facine either towards us or to our left. Four of the people are standing. The last one is Jesus, and he is being carried by the first two people, one cradling his head and chest and the other holding him under his knees.

Jesus has a starburst around his head, just in case we didn’t know who it was. Jesus is naked, although there is a cloth conveniently draped over his thighs. Even today many Christians have a hard time accepting that Jesus was described in the gospels as being naked on the cross and feel this was too undignified!

The other people are two men carrying jesus and two women hugging each other, all dressed in long flowing black robes although the men have visible (and bare) ankles and sandals.

The people all have serious expressions, of course.

The style of the illustration is to have clean lines, very much like a 1920s or early 1930s “streamlined and fast” painting.

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