Image description for Gospel of Matthew

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The picture was scanned from a black-and-white engraving in a printed book. The engraving was made by Eric Gill, a well-known English artist from the time. The clean lines of the drawing in the engraving would have felt very modern in 1930 when they were made.

An androgynous angel, with slender hips and a flattish chest the only signs that he is a young man, dances from right to left taking up the bottom two thirds of the page. His legs and feet are bare, as are his arms; he wears a dress or robe fastened at the waist, drawin in solid black with white pleats from neckline down to his legs. The garment has strings over his shoulders, so we can see that he has armpit hair. His bare arms are holding up a rectangular sign on which is printed (in large capital letters) “THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SAINT MATTHEW” in a Romanesque typeface that predates Times New Roman by several years.

The man has wings that are spread out symmetrically in the picture even though he is in half profile as he runs. The wings are almost as wide as his arms are long, and his long black hair is almost as long as the left wing behind which it hides.

The overall effect is of elegance, because of the typeface in the sign and because of the clean streamlined strokes of the drawing of the angel.

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