Image description for A Court[yard] at Siout.

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We see one courner of a courtyard. In the foreground the floor is paved with large slabs, many of which seem broken. There’s a run-down and ancient feel to the whole place. In the middle of the picture there’s a jumble of things: a well with a winch and ropes; a man with white robe and turban and slippers seated in a sort of wooden chair that might be the remains of a staircase or wheelchair ramp; an arched alcove in the back wall; awnings made from thin and well-worn cloth; large masonry blocks some of which have tumbled down. The light from above falls on the man, who we can only partly see because of a rough stone bowl in front of him. There’s a strong sense of light and dark and of foreground and background in this composition. It’s black and white, from an engraving.

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