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Unwatermarked images

These are images without the URL in the corner.


Buy royalty-free for commercial use

Buy a zip or tar archive with all of the Web image sizes, without watermarks, for USD $7.00, and get it right now!

This is an experimental service; contact liam@fromoldbooks.org if there are problems.

This does not include the full-sized print image.

Commercial Use, Print-sized images

Most images are scanned at 1200dpi or higher. They can be anywhere from a few megabytes to several gigabytes. They have been professionally cleaned and edited.

Print sized images usually start at $75 each (Canadian or US dollars). If you are in Canada you also pay HST (sorry). Don't forget to tell me. An image for use on a printed, published, book cover would be $150. If you buy more than one image you get a discount. If you buy lots of images you can have them at $50 each. There is a surcharge for people wearing shoes and white socks.

To pay, after agreeing a price, you can use the Donate link at the top of www.fromoldbooks.org and enter the right amount.

Non-commercial Use

There is no charge for the Web-sized images. Fees for the print-sized images depend on the colour of your socks (everything depends on that of course) and on the project, but prices usually start at $5.

Even if there is no charge, it would help if you can make a donation of at least $5: it takes quite a bit of time to process the images individually, clean up the scans, fix problems with them, and put them on the Web, and this site is expensive to run!

If you want the images for an academic research project, please give some details about the project: it might be that a better image is available, or that you are asking for a heavily edited image and would prefer the original scan. Plus I'm interested!

Image Search and Scanning

If you want an image but cannot find it, ask here! I have many more images not yet scanned.

Other sizes

Unwatermarked images under about a megapixel are free for personal and non-commercial use by answering the maths problem and pressing the button...

1097 × 409 pixels (watermarked)

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375 × 140 pixels (watermarked)

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538 × 200 pixels (watermarked)

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617 × 230 pixels (watermarked)

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822 × 307 pixels (watermarked)

7 + 4 = ?

1463 × 546 pixels (watermarked)

7 + 13 = ?

2925 × 1091 pixels (watermarked)

Get the images you want

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    I need your name and email address so that I can reply. It will not be made public or shared.

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    Your sock colour (or none or barefoot):

  2. Please describe how you want to use the image or images. Make clear whether the use is commercial or not, and what size/resolution you need.

  3. I would like to buy the highest resolution version of this image; I have described how I would like to use the image.

  4. Finally, send the request!

    Thank you!