Image description for Holly-Branch and Storm Wind

[the image described here]

A mature woman stands at left foreground; she wears a dress made from animal skins or woven grass, and has bare legs and feet. Here arms are raised; in her right hand she holds a short pole surmounted by a crescent-shaped object perhaps wider than her thighs.

To the woman’s left (and the viewer’s right) stands a man with a short beard on chin and neck, and whose primitive shorts are held up by a strap over his right sholder, which also supports a quiver of arrows behind his back. He holds a longbow and a spear; he is also bare-legged, barefoot, and bare-chested. Oh so manly. Behind the two figures is a small hill with an entrance made out of large rectangular blocks of stone.

There is a dead bird or animal by the man’s feet, and perhaps a bundle of sticks beside the woman.

The picture is a black and white engraving.

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