Image description for Blow, Blow, thou winter wind

[the image described here]

This picture was scanned from an image in a printed book; the image was printed in black ink from a wood-engraving.

The picture shows a man walking from left to right along a road; behind him is a hedge. Just in front of him is a gap in the hedge with a wooden stile, rustic gate or maybe just a part of fence. Further along, to the right, is a tree. The branches of the tree are all leaning far to the left, and there are only a few leaves left on the branches. Other leaves are seen in the air, as if the wind is blowing them. The man walks from left to right, heading into the wind. He wears a hooded tunic that does not quite reach down to his knees. He may have cloth leggings, and has simple shoes. He has a pouch hanging from a belt or rope, possibly containing a knife or more likely a bottle of rum to keep him warm! He has a stick under his right arm, and a sack over his left shoulder.

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