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Thomson’s Road-Steamer and Coal-Waggons
John Bunyan’s chained leg in prison
33. “Cornish Riviera Express” – Great Western Railway
11. Seal of Gusion.
John Bunyan at Bedford Gaol.
Cavalier Costumes, Time of Charles II. A.D. 1670.
Hobo bird meets aristocrat rabbit
Decorative clip-art Victorian border, antique green


Winged fairy boy sitting in wreath
Chester, from the Alford Road.
Floriated fruitbowl ornament
Sir Isaac Newton
Floriated fruit-bowl ornament, coloured
Title page from Lewis’ Life of William Caxton
Paracelsus receives from the Inspiration of Spirits
Portrait of Apollonius
Crusaders attacking a castle
Full-page border with tiny vintage laurel leaves and hand-drawn box
Dark Passion Flowers

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