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[picture: Harlech Castle: the Main-Gate House]

Harlech Castle

The Main-Gate House

A 13th Century castle built by Edward I.

[picture: Harlech Castle: View from South West]

Harlech Castle

The View from the South West [more...]

[picture: Harlech Castle: Ground plan]

Harlech Castle

Ground Plan [more...]

[picture: Chirck Castle: the courtyard]

Chirk Castle

The Courtyard.

[picture: Carew Castle: Sir John Perrot's Building]

Carew Castle

Sir John Perrot’s Building.

[picture: Chepstow Castle: Martin's Tower]

Chepstow Castle

Martin’s Tower. [more...]

[picture: Restormel Castle, the Main Gate]

[p.107] Restormel Castle, Cornwall

The Main Gate. [more...]

[picture: Stokesay Castle: Exterior of the Northern Tower.]

Stokesay Castle—Exterior of the Northern Tower

Exterior of the Northern Tower.

[picture: Stokesay Castle: Interior: Solar Room]

Stokesay Castle—The Solar Room

Solar Room

[picture: Stokesay Castle: Exterior, from the lake]

Stokesay Castle—The View from the Pool

View from the pool.

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