Old England: A Pictorial Museum (page 1/52)

[picture: Old England: Photograph of the book]

Title: Old England: A Pictorial Museum

Author: Knight, Charles

City: London

Date: 1845

Total items: 389

out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: 114.---Conflict between Romans and Barbarians.]

114.—Conflict between Romans and Barbarians.

The wood engraving shows men with curved square shields and helmets fighting men with round shields at close range. The winners are always the ones to call the losers barbarians. [more...]

[picture: Book stand (Detail from Fig. 1140)]

Book stand (Detail from Fig. 1140)

The book stand taken from Fig. 1140. Mediæval clip art. Or, for Americans, medieval clip art.

[picture: 1951.---Battle at Worcester]

1951.—Battle at Worcester

At top – View of Worcester. (From an old [as of 1845] Print.) The battle was fought on the foreground meadows. In the centre, the flight of [King] Charles before the Parliamentary Soldiers; designed from various contemporary portraits of Charles II., Harrison, Lilburne, Bradshaw, and others. At the bottom, the old wooden house, in [...] [more...]

[picture: East Basham, Norfolk]

2105.—East Basham, Norfolk

Near Walsingham. “It is a curious and instructive contrast to compare with Herstmonceaux – a true Castle, but in which the domestic mansion was beginning to show itself – with East Basham Hall in Norfolk (Fig. 2105), which forms a true and most beautiful mansion, but in which the traces of old castellated architecture are everywhere conspicuous. It [...] [more...]

[picture: 792.---Ancient Quintain.]

792.—Ancient Quintain.

The sports of the [twelfth-century] Norman lords [...] [more...]

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Places shown:

Alnwick ·Anglesey ·Arundel ·Aston Cantlow ·Autun ·Avebury ·Bamburgh ·Bardon Mill ·Bartlow ·Beaumaris ·Bedfordshire ·Berkshire ·Betchworth ·Bishopsgate ·Bodiam ·Bodmin Moor ·Borthwick ·Bray ·Buckhurst ·Buckinghamshire ·Burgandy ·Burgh Castle ·Caernarvon ·Calais ·Cambridge ·Cambridgeshire ·Canterbury ·Cardiff ·Carlisle ·Carnbrea ·Carrick-on-Suir ·Castleton ·Charmouth ·Cheshire ·Chilton ·Chun Castle ·Colwall ·Constantine ·Cornwall ·County Kildare ·County Meath ·County Tipperary ·Coway Stakes ·Coxwald ·Cumberland ·Customs House ·Darab ·Derbyshire ·Devonshire ·Donoughmore ·Dorchester ·Dorset ·Dover ·Durham ·Earl's Barton ·East Budleigh ·East Dereham ·East Molesey ·East Sussex ·England ·Essex ·Evesham ·Exeter ·Fars ·Fermoy ·Festiniog ·Glamorgan ·Glasgow ·Gloucestershire ·Goodrich ·Guy's Cliffe ·Gwynedd ·Gwynnedd ·Hadley ·Hampshire ·Hampton Court ·Hampton Court Palace ·Harestone ·Harlech ·Hastings ·Herefordshire ·Herstmonceaux ·Hertfordshire ·Hever ·Housesteads Roman Fort ·Howden ·Ile-de-France ·Jedburgh ·Jersey ·Kelso ·Kenilworth ·Kent ·Kildare ·Kirkwall ·Lambourn ·Lancashire ·Leicestershire ·Lillebonne ·Lincoln ·Lincolnshire ·Liskeard ·Llandaff ·London ·Ludlow ·Luton ·Lutterworth ·Magdalene College ·Maidstone ·Malvern ·Mambury Rings ·Melrose ·Merionethshire ·Mickletown ·Middlesex ·Midlothian ·Mile End ·Monmouthshire ·Morvah ·Navan ·Netley ·Newark ·Newcatle-upon-tyne ·Newton Heath ·Norfolk ·Northampton ·Northamptonshire ·Northleach ·Northumberland ·Norwich ·Nottinghamshire ·Old Sarum ·Orkney Islands ·Oxford ·Oxfordshire ·Paris ·Pas-de-Calais ·Pevensey ·Plas Newydd ·Pompeii ·Porchester ·Prudhoe ·Reading ·Reculver ·Richborough ·Robertsbridge ·Rochester ·Roxburghshire ·Salisbury ·Salisbury Plain ·Salisubury Plain ·Scotland ·Seine-Maritime ·Shropshire ·Silbury ·Silchester ·Slane ·Smithfield ·Somersetshire ·Southampton ·Sri Lanka ·St. Giles in the Fields ·Stanmore ·Stanton Drew ·Stewkley ·Stone ·Stonehenge ·Stratford ·Suffolk ·Surrey ·Sussex ·Telech ·Wales ·WalsingamAbbey ·Walsingham ·Waltham Cross ·Warkworth ·Warwick ·Warwickshire ·West Riding ·Westminster ·Westminster Abbey ·Weston ·Weybridge ·Wiltshire ·Winchelsea ·Winchester ·Withyham ·Worcester ·Worcestershire ·York ·Yorkshire ·none

Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal and Popular Antiquities, Charles Knight (1791 – 1873) London, Charles Knight and Co., Ludgate Street, First Edition, 1845, two volumes, folio, pp. viii, 392; vi, 386, 24 chromoxylographs (incl. frontis.). Many wood-engraved text illustrations.

My copy has contemporary (worn) half-calf with gilt backs; there is some light foxing and dampstaining to the plates and margins of some leaves. Ref. Abbey, Life, 43; purchased D. & E Lake Toronto, 1992.

This book has been reprinted, but the reprint is out of print; you can search for a used copy on Amazon.

I have typed in the index to the book so that you can ask me for other scans if you like.

I have the first few sections online as Old England: A Pictorial Museum if you want to read the actual book!

The book starts with Druidical and Prehistoric remains and continues on to have Castles, Manors and stately homes, Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals and much more.

Charles Knight also produced an illustrated edition of the Works of Shakspere, as he spelt it.

There is an entry in the Nuttall Encyclopædia for Charles Knight.

Some of the engravings were done by the Dalziel brothers; I have some images from their autobiography, A Record of Work.


Volume I

Book I. Before the Conquest.

Chapter I. The British Period. [Fig. 1]

Chapter II. The Roman Period. [Fig. 80]

Chapter III. The Anglo-Saxon Period. [Fig. 189]

Book II. The Period From the Norman Conquest to the Death of King John. A.D. 1066—1216.

Chapter I. Regal and Baronial Antiquities. [Fig. 334]

Chapter II. Ecclesiastical Antiquities. [Fig. 491]

Chapter III. Popular Antiquities. [Fig. 795]

Book III. The Period From the Accession of Henry III. to the End of the Reign of Richard II. A.D. 1216—1399.

Chapter I. Regal and Baronial Antiquities. Fig. 814]

Chapter II. Ecclesiastical Antiquities. [Fig. 929]

Chapter III. Popular Antiquities.

Book IV. The Period From the Accession of Henry IV. to the End of the Reign of Richard III. A.D. 1399—1485.

Chapter I. Regal and Baronial Antiquities. [Fig. 1150]

Chapter II. Ecclesiastical Antiquities. [Fig. 1279]

Chapter III. Popular Antiquities. [Fig. 1335]

Although some of the images here are from Volume II, I plan to move them into their own darling little folder, and will make a second table of contents.

This book is online at archive.org (Vol I and Vol II), although the OCR has done a really bad job, and the scans are lower resolution and not cleaned up. But you could use it to request a specific image, and I will scan it for you if it’s not here yet.

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