Almonds of the Throat

Almonds of the Throat are a glandulous Substance, placed on each Side of the Uvula at the Root of the Tongue, resembling two Kernels; these receive the Saliva or Spittle from the Brain, and disperse it to the Tongue, Jaws, Throat and Gullet, to moisten them, and make them slippery. These being inflam’d and swell’d by a Cold, &c. straighten the Passage of the Throat, and render it painful and difficult to swallow even the Spittle. This is called a sore Throat, and by some the falling of the Almonds of the Ears.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Alleˊrions [in Heraldry] * Aluˊdels [with Chymists]

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