John Bagford

. An antiquarian collector, who had a mania for mutilating all the books he could lay hands on, in order to collect title-pages, old types, printers’ colophons, etc. Bagford was born at London in October, 1675. He was bred a shoemaker, but afterwards became a bookseller, and a great collector of curiosities. He was employed by Moore, Bishop of Norwich, and the Earl of Oxford, to enrich their libraries with scarce books and MSS. For his services the bishop placed him in the Charterhouse. He died May 15, 1716. His collections respecting the history of typography are preserved among the Harleian MSS., and there are two volumes by him in the University Library at Cambridge (Dd. x. 56, 57). The title of one of the latter will give a fair idea of the extent of Bagford’s orthographical acquire­ments. It is as follows: “The Hihstory of Tipography, its Originall and prograse from athentick recordes, maniscriptes, and printed bookes, collected with grate paynes, by Jo. Bagford.”

Taken from Gesta Typographica by Chas. Jacobi, 1897, page 29.

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