In Dogelthy, a market-town in this shire, there

are the following particulars:

1. The walls are three miles high.

2. Men come into it over the water.

3. They go out of it under the water.

4. The steeple doth grow therein.

5. There are more ale-houses than houses.

Which are thus explained:

1. Its walls are the mountains which surround it.

2. The entry is over a handsome bridge.

3. In leaving the town one must pass under a stream of water, falling from a rock, and conveyed in a trough, to drive an overshot mill.

4. The bells (if plural) hang in a yew-tree.

5. The houses are divided into different tenements, and liquor sold in chimneyless barns.

Entry taken from Provincial Glossary, edited by Francis Grose.

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