Talaeth, talaeth

In effect, the same in English with Fine, fine! when mothers and nurses are disposed to please their litte ones in dressing them. Take the original thereof:—When Roderick the Great divided Wales betwixt his three sons, into three regions (North Wales, South Wales, and Powis), he ordered that each of them should wear uppon his bonnet, or helmet, a coronet of gold, being a broad lace or head-band, indented upwards, set and wrought with precious stones, called in British, talaeth; and they, from thence, the three crowned princes: but now, either the number of princes is well multiplied in Wales, or, which is truer, the honour of talaeth is much diminished; that being so called wherewith a child’s head is bound uppermost on some other linen clothes. Thus we, English, have that which they call the crown, of a cap.—Fuller.

Entry taken from Provincial Glossary, edited by Francis Grose.

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Talaeth, talaeth

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