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Image title: Clevedon
Source: Cassell: “The British Isles” (1905)
Place shown: Clevedon, Somerset, England
Keywords: views, water, greyscale
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Many are the pleasant and busy towns and villages which look forth upon [the River Severn at the Bristol channel] in its salted and merged condition and know it not. Of these, Clevedon alone may be indicated, for Tennyson’s sake, in his familiar tribute to our stream; for in this bright and growing health-resort for Bristol’s workers Arthur Hallam, his friend, lies buried:

“The Danube to the Severn gave     The darken’d heart that beat no more:     They laid him by the pleasant shore, And in the hearing of the wave.

“There twice a day the Severn fills,     The salt sea water passing by;     And hishes half the babbling Wye, And makes a silence in the hills.”   ” (p. 356)

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